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How are shipping costs calculated?

Your shopping cart will indicate the shipping charges associated with each of these shipping methods. The shipping cost for each collection kit includes shipping to the recipient, guaranteed return shipping to the laboratory, handling, and additional transportation fees and customs duties where applicable.

In most cases with international shipping, customs duties are included in the international shipping cost; however, if you live in one of the Non Delivery Duties Paid countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, or Moldova) the recipient of the order is responsible for paying the customs duties assessed.

When returning your saliva sample to our lab, it is important to know that a large number of countries and shipping offices are still unfamiliar with the requirements of shipping an exempt human saliva sample, sometimes believing it to be hazardous and erroneously charging FDA fees and expedited shipping costs. The documentation included with your international order is vital towards ensuring the uninterrupted transport of your sample to the lab.

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