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23andMe and MyHeritage

Locating genetic relatives in the DNA Relatives tool is only the first step in learning more about your family story. Once you've found a genetic relative, a little detective work might let you pinpoint your recent common ancestor and learn about your shared family history. By sharing and comparing your knowledge of your family history with others, you may find a shared piece of information -- such as a family surname or ancestral birthplace.

One way to share key information about your ancestors with other 23andMe customers was to create a family tree through the 23andMe Family Tree feature (prior to May 2015) or MyHeritage connection (available after May 2015). Both options provided customers with a way to share his or her family tree with genetic matches in the DNA Relatives feature.

There are many services that will help you create a family tree. We are working to enable our customers to link a tree - from any family tree service - directly to his or her DNA Relatives profile. Stay tuned for more information on when this feature will be available.

The collaboration between 23andMe and MyHeritage has ended and 23andMe has ended the ability to connect an existing 23andMe tree (created prior to May 2015) to the MyHeritage site and the free trial of the MyHeritage service offered to 23andMe customers is no longer available. If you have transferred or created a tree in the MyHeritage site, you will still be able to access your tree by visiting the MyHeritage site, and MyHeritage will continue to maintain free access to view public MyHeritage trees on the MyHeritage site.


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