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Privacy and the MyHeritage Connection

When you agree to connect your 23andMe account with MyHeritage, there is specific account information that you grant access to. You will have a chance to review these items before granting access, and then at anytime from your 23andMe Account Settings.

Each of the items are defined below:

Item Definition
The full name on your account and every profile in your account. Your account and profile names are used to create your tree. 
The email address associated with your account.

If you do not already have an account with MyHeritage, your 23andMe account email address will be used to create this account.

If you have an account with the same email address, the address will be detected.

Service type (ancestry or health & ancestry) for all profiles in your account. Whether a profile has been given results for ancestry or health and ancestry. No genetic information is transferred with your tree, just which of these services have been provided.
The profile picture for all profiles in your account. Profile photos are imported to MyHeritage; you may edit or remove them.
All biographical and event details entered into your family tree for all profiles in your account. Birth and death dates, events, and all other information from the Bio and Event tabs of your 23andMe tree.
The sex for all profiles in your account. The sex as set in your 23andMe profile.
The ability to view and update your family tree URL for all profiles in your account. Your Family Tree URL is how other members will be able to view your tree from your 23andMe profile.

None of your genetic information will be transferred with your tree to MyHeritage.

The privacy settings available on MyHeritage trees are different than those on 23andMe, and each is controlled independently. You can control the visibility of your tree URL from your 23andMe Profile Settings page. To edit the privacy settings for your tree on MyHeritage, review your member preferences on the My privacy page.

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