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Profile Settings: Editing your profile

To add to or edit your profile, click on the profile menu in the upper right and select Edit Profile from the drop-down. 

You will have the ability to edit the following information:


Personal Information

Profile Name

By making your name visible to everyone, you'll make your name and profile information searchable by other users and visible to your matches in DNA Relatives. This will also allow others to send you messages and invite you to share genomes through your Public Profile.

Community Nickname

Once you have received and registered your kit, you will have the option to create a Community nickname. Your nickname is what people will see when you post or reply to a thread in the 23andMe Community. Your nickname allows you to talk openly about your genetic data while protecting your true identity. Note that when you select a nickname, it is set permanently.

Until you create a nickname, you cannot post or reply on the Community or join groups. However, you can still browse and search for threads.


You may upload a profile picture that will be visible on your Public Profile and Community posts.

To provide a profile picture, click on the "upload a picture" link from the Edit Profile page. This will take you to the Change Profile Picture page.

Click "choose file" to select an image to upload; once you have selected a photo, click the "upload picture" button.

Once your picture has been uploaded, you can select which portion of the photo you want to use as your picture under "Thumbnail View." Click on "save thumbnail." The photo will be saved although you won't automatically be redirected to another page. To see how it looks, simply return to the "My Profile" page again.


During the kit registration process, you are required to provide your sex - pursuant to the CLIA program (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), this information must be provided in order to process your sample. While the sex you enter during registration should be your chromosomal sex, you do have the option to select a different sex in your profile and change the profile sex at any time and as many times as you like.

Most peoples' sex is clearly distinguishable from their 23rd pair of chromosomes, which typically determine whether a person is male or female; men have one X and one Y chromosome; women have a pair of X chromosomes. But in a small fraction of people, that is not the case. Because we do not have the ability to test for all of the conditions that may result in different phenotypic sex vs. chromosomal sex such as androgen insensitivity syndrome or congenital adrenal hyperplasia, we give customers the option to change their sex. In addition, we recognize that some customers may identify with a gender different from their chromosomal sex.


While we are required to collect birth dates during kit registration in order to comply with CLIA, only your birth year can be made visible to other 23andMe members, not your full birthday.

Birth Year

Only your birth year can be made visible to other 23andMe members, not your full birthday.

Current Residence

Postal code information will not be made public even if you choose to make your current residence public. If you enter a postal code into your profile, make sure to do so without spaces, as our system can only accept one-word postal codes.

About Me

Write a little about yourself to help others get to know you.


Ancestry Information


Select the option that best represents how you identify your own ancestry or ethnicity - similar to what you would enter for a census. If you think that your ancestors came from two or more regions, please select the "Multiple ancestries" option. If you aren't sure, select your best guess or "I'm not sure." This information is used to personalize your 23andMe experience, improve our services to you, and facilitate research, and will not be shared with any other members.


Your country and location of birth.

Family Surnames

Enter surnames separated by commas - this will ensure matching will work correctly with your listed surnames.

Family Locations

Separate locations in which your family has lived with semicolons - for example: "Glasgow, Scotland; Albany, NY; Chattanooga, TN."

About My Family

Include information you'd like to share about your family history


Activity Settings

You can select whether or not to display your badges on your community posts and on your Public Profile:

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