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Troubleshooting Steps

1. Ensure that you are using one of the supported configurations:

  • The latest versions of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. If the system that you use does not support an upgrade to the latest version of your preferred browser, we recommend downloading Chrome for the best site experience.
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2. If you experience site issues while using a supported configuration, keep in mind that some extensions or add-ons may compromise compatibility with our site, and trying a different browser may resolve the issue.

3. If you are using a mobile device or a tablet, please try using a desktop computer. Some aspects of our service are not yet optimized for viewing on a mobile device or tablet. 

4. In some cases, clearing your browser's cache may resolve the issue. For instructions specific to your browser, select the internet browser you are using:

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If you have tried troubleshooting your issue already, you can contact us here. To help us resolve the issue as quickly as possible for you, please include the following information:

  • Any troubleshooting steps you have already tried.
  • Details about your browser and operating system. This information can be found here. Please copy and paste the text into your support request.
  • The page you were on when the issue occurred. Not sure? Send us the URL or a screenshot instead.


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